As the virtualization market matures and alternative virtualization platforms emerge, VMware customers are recognizing the advantages of deploying SLOS Virtualization Platform either as a second virtualization platform to coexist with VMware vSphere or as a complete replacement. The exibility and security of open source software, improved workload density, and lower cost of ownership are among the reasons companies around the world are migrating to SLOS Virtualization Platform.

There are a number of tools to help enterprises migrate to SLOS Virtualization Platform, and third-party vendors can help automate the virtual-to-virtual (V2V) migration of virtual machines (VMs) from VMware to SLOS Virtualization Platform. With intuitive and easily deployed management features, the transition to SLOS Virtualization Platform is extremely straightforward. This paper summarizes the migration benets and overviews the steps required to move Linux® and Windows VMs from VMware to SLOS Virtualization Platform.


Proprietary vendors, such as VMware, Oracle, and Microsoft, limit choice and increase enterprise dependence on a single vendor. VMware customers have to upgrade to more costly versions if they want to deploy advanced features. As business requirements change, solutions and other infrastructure components should not be limited by software.

Unlike at the beginning of the x86 virtualization technology, VMware is no longer the only leader in the virtualization market.


SLOS Virtualization Platform is built on the open source development model — making it a true strategic alternative. Open standards speed up the adoption of new technologies and the speed at which enterprises can address customer needs. These same open standards allow SLOS products to work well together and with products from other vendors — providing software flexibility that frees enterprises to choose the best solution for their needs. SLOS Virtualization Platform does not limit customers. Investing in open source software preserves its value by not locking enterprises in to a single vendor or product.
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